At Switch2Zero, we only work with the most trusted names in carbon offsetting, including tree planting and plastic collection. 

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Transform your business into a force for positive, sustainable change with Switch2Zero.



71% of global consumers

are making changes to the way they live and the products they buy in an effort to live more sustainably. Make your business the sustainable option.
Source: Simon Kucher - Global Sustainability study

68% of employees

in a survey revealed they are more willing to accept jobs from organizations they consider to be environmentally sustainable. Become a workplace of choice.
Source: IBM Institute for Business Value

93% of global institutional investors

actively consider ESG & sustainability in their real assets investment decisions
Source: Aviva Investors Real Assets Study

Simple, Affordable, and Measurable Impact

Configure your solution in less than three minutes from as little as the cost of a cup of coffee and have access to shareable assets to engage your team and customers.
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Want an estimate of your business carbon footprint?

Our Solutions 

Regardless of the size or type of business, we are here to help you on your journey to NetZero. 

For other businesses

Earth positive workforce

Pay a monthly subscription for a pre-built plan that offsets each employee's emissions to create an earth-positive workforce and get shareable assets to engage your team and customers.

Offset each employee
Help fund offset projects
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Plant trees
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Remove plastic waste
Share your impact
For E-Commerce

E-Commerce Integration

For just 19¢ a tree, make a committed sustainability statement to your customers by planting trees with every transaction. Connect your online store in less than three minutes. 

Connect to storefront
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Plant trees with every order
Track your impact
Share your progress
For all businesses

Instant Purchase

A flexible, quick, and easy way to make your product, service, or activity instantly sustainable - it's pay-as-you-go, no subscription required. Get an instant QR code certification that confirms your purchase and a badge to show your customers.  

Choose your impact - Offsetting your footprint or paying something forward.
Signup to save your choices
Pay for your choices - no hidden or ongoing charges.
Share your contribution with instant marketing
For all businesses

Carbon Footprint Estimator

Get a high level estimate of your carbon footprint in minutes. Opt to offset all or part of your estimate with a one-off payment or monthly subscription. Receive certificates and badges to share your eco-conscious efforts with customers.

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Estimate your business footprint with ease
Sign up to save your estimate
Offset your footprint via one-off payment or monthly subscription
Share your contribution

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Want a different type of solution? Talk to our team, and let’s find one together. 


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