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Based on the information you provided, we've calculated the annual CO₂ emissions and corresponding offset costs for all your vehicles. Select the vehicles you'd like to offset by clicking the checkboxes next to them.

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Do you calculate CO₂ or CO₂e emissions of vehicles?

We currently only calculate the CO₂ emissions for vehicles. We plan to include broader CO₂e emissions in a future release.

Where does the money go and how is it used?

Every payment to Switch2Zero goes towards carbon offset projects in the ratios selected with your plan. We invest in a diverse range of projects to ensure that we can maintain our $5.00 price per ton of CO2e. We also charge $0.55 for every kg of plastic collected and $0.15 for every tree planted. 

All our project providers give us a verification certificate, which you can view on our public ledger. We do take a 20% fee to cover multiple payments fees and our own operations costs, but this is already included in your subscription price. We’re proud to have the lowest fees of any carbon offset company. 


Will I get any confirmation of my offsets?

Yes, every offset purchase receives an individual certificate confirming the impact being created - and all of this is also verifiable via Switch2Zero’s unique public ledger

What fees do you charge for your vehicle offset solution?

Switch2Zero’s mission is to be an organisation that balances profit with purpose. We have a maximum margin on our services of 20% - much less than any of our competitors - which ensures that we can continue to innovate and give our shareholders a return on their investment, but in a way that focuses as much on the environmental good we can deliver, as much as the profit we make.