At Switch2Zero, we only work with the most trusted names for carbon offset, tree planting, and plastic waste collection. 

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What is Switch2Zero Instant?

An instant net zero solution that allows you to offset carbon emissions, plant trees or remove plastic waste from the environment. You get to do what you want –when and how you want it done. 

Plant trees

Tree planting is about paying something forward for the future. We partner with Eden Reforestation Projects, who create thousands of jobs through extensive reforestation across Africa, Asia, and South America- improving communities and sequestering CO2 in the long term.

Carbon Offset

Offsetting helps you counter your current footprint, while you work to reduce it. We only work with UN and Gold Standard programmes to ensure the action you are taking results in real action on the ground.

Plastic Waste removal

Plastic pollution is causing long-term ecosystem damage across the planet. Show you are a responsible business by helping remove this from our environment - making the world a better place for generations to come.

Why Switch2Zero Instant?

Good for the planet, Great for Business

Make an instant carbon offset via Switch2Zero Instant purchase

Easy and Convenient

Make your brand instantly more sustainable with impact in just a few clicks. Choose carbon offsetting, tree planting, or plastic removal to enhance your environmental credentials instantly—no forms, no hidden costs—just a hassle-free service with certified results.

Affordable Solution

You’re in full control of deciding the impact you want to make and the expenditure that fits your business. It's a flexible, affordable solution that you can showcase to engage customers.

Make a Real Impact

Stand out from the competition and attract sustainably minded customers with Switch2Zero instant - drive real change in the environment and see the rewards in your own growth.

How it works 

It is an easy process. 


  • Firstly, decide on the impact you want to make - offsetting a particular event or product, or paying something forward for the future. 

  • Secondly, complete our quick sign-up process, choose the level of impact appropriate to your business

  • Thirdly, pay for your choices. And that’s it - three steps to being instantly more sustainable.

Track your ongoing impact 

All of your impact recorded in one place 


  • Every instant purchase made is added to your previous contributions, including your subscriptions. The cumulative numbers from these actions are all displayed in one place: your My Impact Dashboard.

  • This on-going - and hopefully ever-growing - amount gives you loads of opportunities to re-engage your customers each time you make a difference.

Badges and certificates from Switch2Zero

Share your contribution with instant marketing

S2Z Instant is good for the planet and great for business. Here’s why:


  • With every purchase you make through S2Z instant, you get a Switch2Zero certificate which verifies your contribution. You also get attractive and bespoke badges.

  • These clear and easy proof points for the impact you have made can be used as collateral to showcase to the world your businesses commitment to sustainability. 

  • By making a difference, you can help attract customers and clients who share your commitment - and they just happen to be the fastest growing customers segment too!

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