Our Aim:

Net Zero for Everyone



Our mission - to accelerate the global transition to net-zero carbon emissions for people and businesses everywhere


Achieving Net Zero and helping to prevent devastating climate change is critical to the future of humanity and the ecosystems we rely on. 


We know it's hard - we struggle with it ourselves and were founded out of the frustration of trying to achieve it. 


But we also believe that by working to make the path to net zero as quick, easy, and affordable as possible - and by forging a supportive community of like-minded individuals and businesses that can help - more and more of us will succeed. 


So while we’re a new company, that’s our big ambition - net zero for everyone - delivered through a one-stop dashboard that puts everything anyone needs for this journey in one, simple-to-use, transparent, place.

What we do today: 


Our kick-off products are designed to be both affordable, and to really help people and businesses take their first steps towards reducing their carbon footprint:

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Understand your footprint

Helping people to broadly understand the kind of footprint they create - whether a family, individual, or business.

A more detailed calculator is arriving in the near future - so members can accurately see where and how they generate their footprint.

Reduce your footprint

Practical guides, tips, and advice on how to lower your emissions.
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Offset your footprint

Affordable solutions that enable you to offset your current footprint - from subscriptions to our soon-to-be-launched one-time purchase offers - while you work towards the ultimate goal of net zero.

We also offer two extra services: 


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Tree Planting

We’ve sourced the best certified rates on the market (just $0.44c per tree for instant purchases and subscriptions while E-commerce integration is only $0.19c per tree) - savings we pass onto our members - so that you can pay-it-forward with sustainable tree planting.

Together, we can protect the environment for the generations to come.

Plastic Reduction

Plastic production contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions - plus once discarded they destroy and pollute the environment.

We hate this, you hate this, and we can change it by removing it from our ecosystems.

Plus, every member gets their own, personalised, dashboard - so they can track their progress and track the change they are making and its impact.

What we'll do tomorrow:


Our plans for the future are far more ambitious, but will ultimately be guided by what you - our members and partners - tell us you need.


For example, through the dashboard

members will be able to connect directly with suppliers of the goods and services that accelerate their specific journey to net zero.

This could be something like green-financing, enabling members to benefit from access to more expensive items like solar panels or electric vehicles - all of which can be sourced through the dashboard.

The point is to use technology

to make things easier, faster, clearer, greener AND less expensive - removing the cost and complexity of moving towards net zero.

Transparency in our operations

When you partner with us, we appreciate you are putting your trust in us to deliver what we promise - and we value this trust incredibly highly. 


That’s why at Switch2Zero we are committed to always being transparent about how much impact we create on our members behalf - there’ll be no green-washing here, thank you very much. 


So, for example, we run an open ledger - which anyone can look at to see exactly where and how we invest members money to drive climate change reduction. Members also get both monthly statements and dashboard visibility of their impact - so it's easy to see the change you are creating.


We are also honest about the impact these investments make. Take tree planting - we don't count this as carbon off-setting, rather as paying it forward for future generations. (That's because trees start delivering most of their CO2 reduction potential when they mature - not the moment they are planted.)


We’re also working towards our B-Corporation accreditation - again because we believe this is the right way to run our business, and demonstrates our commitment to strong corporate governance and value-driven operations.


You're doing the right thing in working towards net zero - and we'll do the right things to ensure you get there. 


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Transparency in our partnerships


At S2Z we only work with the most trusted names in carbon-offsetting, tree-planting and plastic removal - businesses that are independently certified and tested. 


This ensures that the programmes you support through us, actually do what they promise to do - and that the impact we create is real.


We are also committed to listening. We’re a young company, and we don’t have all the solutions everyone needs yet, or all the ideas - but with the help, advice and support of our members and partners, we believe that together we will help millions of people achieve their net zero goal!

Tell us what you need

Go on, make our day - and tell us what you think you need to get to net zero - what would make your journey easy, affordable, and rewarding? What is stopping you now?

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