Calculate Your Car's Carbon Footprint

Our easy-to-use calculator gives you insights into your car's greenhouse gas emissions.

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How it Works:

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UK Registered Vehicles

Enter your registration number for instant emissions calculation based on DVLA data.
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Non-UK Registered Vehicles

Provide basic information (make, model, engine size, fuel type, age, and mileage) for accurate emission calculations.
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Insights to Actions

Our calculation engine combines your data with industry emissions data, revealing your car's annual carbon footprint.
Take steps to reduce your usage - and cut your carbon footprint - or choose to offset some or all of your annual emissions with Switch2Zero Instant.

Offset your annual car emissions from as 
little as £10!


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Quick & Effortless Insights

The fastest path to understanding your vehicle emissions.

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Global Vehicle Coverage

Whether in the EU or the States, your emissions data is in good hands.

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Instant Offset, Instant Impact

Make a positive difference instantly by offsetting your annual CO2 emissions.

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Your Journey to Greener Motoring

  • Cars, vans, and trucks play a vital role in our lives, but they are also major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. While switching to an electric vehicle may not always be practical, our car emissions calculator provides an intermediate solution.

  • Whether you're managing a fleet or just curious about your family runaround, our car emissions calculator has you covered. Take a few clicks to understand the environmental cost of your vehicle.

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Greener Driving, Affordable Solutions

  • With the cost of offsetting a year's driving with Switch2Zero’s just £10 - greener driving doesn’t have to cost the earth either! 

  • Plus, as all our offset programs are run by internationally accredited organisations like the UN Gold Standard - you can be 100% sure that every penny you give us will deliver demonstrable good for the planet!

Discover the impact of your vehicle and take simple steps to sustainability

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