Unique, cost-effective, eco-friendly gifts that make a real environmental impact

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If you’re looking for a present with a difference that also makes a real difference - then look no further, Switch2Zero has got you covered.

Pick and mix from our Instant solutions to create personalised presents that support a range of great projects which are making a real impact in the fight against emissions, pollution and environmental degradation.

So whether you’re looking for a birthday present, wedding gift or an unusual gift for your colleagues, you can buy a package that helps change the future, with Switch2Zero.

Each gift recipient gets a personalised certificate showing the impact that’s being done on their behalf, with an embedded QR code to track and verify the data.
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Make a significant impact for just £10

For just £0.37 a tree, you could give the ultimate eco-friendly present of 27 trees, which can help safeguard the world's environment for decades to come.


Or, for the same £10 cost, you can help remove more than 16kg of plastic waste from the world's shorelines - the equivalent of some 800 plastic bottles.


As a business eco-gift, how about offsetting the average annual emissions of a commuter (2.1 tonnes according to The Carbon Trust) for as little as £11.55.


We’ve made gifting entirely flexible so you are in control of what you spend, and on what.

Give the gift of sustainability

All our solutions come from internationally recognised and checked sources - like the UN Gold Standard - and offer transparent data, which we also share via our open ledger. So you can be sure what you buy WILL create the impact it promises.

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Unique presents that make a difference

These presents are more than just gifts; they are contributions to a better future. They help wildlife conservation, improve our air and ecosystems, and support communities around the world.
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Easy to give

To give the gift of sustainability simply click 'Buy a Gift', and choose the combination of gifts you would like.

Then tick the box marked 'Gift' and you'll get a one-off certificate to give to your friend, loved one, or colleague (or a combination of any!) showing the impact your gift creates.
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Show the world you care

With Switch2Zero, you can give the gift of sustainability all year round. Make a difference to the planet and show your loved ones that you care.