Create a greener future by making your summer travels instantly sustainable in Three Easy Steps. 

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Know your emissions

Calculate the amount of CO2 emitted from your recent flight.

Offset your emissions

Offset your emissions by paying for the equivalent carbon offset.

Share the word

Get immediate certification of your positive contribution and share it with friends & family, encouraging them to do the same.

According to Carbon Independent, Aviation emission for a Boeing 747-400 (planes used for long-distance international flights) is estimated at 250 kg (0.25 tonnes) of CO2 per passenger per hour.


Get a quick estimate of your flight emissions below:


1hr flight = 0.25 tonnes 2hr flight = 0.5 tonnes  3hr flight = 0.75 tonnes 4hr flight = 1 tonnes
5hr flight = 1.25 tonnes    6hr flight = 1.5 tonnes  7hr flight = 1.75 tonnes8hr flight = 2 tonnes
9hr flight = 2.25 tonnes          10hr flight = 2.5 tonnes.      11hr flight = 2.75 tonnes      12hr flight = 3 tonnes


At Switch2Zero, we only work with the most trusted names for carbon offset, tree planting, and plastic waste collection.

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How it Works:

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With Switch2Zero, you can turn your travel adventures into green adventures!

The process is simple:


Firstly, choose to offset your recent flight by paying for the equivalent carbon offset.

We'll take care of the rest, funding verified carbon offset and capture projects.

Secondly, complete our quick sign up process

It takes less than 2 minutes

Lastly, pay for your one off offsets.

And that’s it - three steps to being instantly more sustainable.

Dominic Collins

Great for Carbon Offsetting Our US Family Holiday

The Switch2zero website was simple to use to offset the carbon impact of our recent family trip to the US. Unlike other companies that offer to plant trees, Switch2zero offered a range of choices and was more credible as you can see the carbon transactions undertaken as a company. I recommend Switch2zero for any individual or company looking to offset their carbon and environmental impact.