Christmas doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Christmas is a magical season. Spending time with friends and family, swapping presents, sharing amazing food and drink with your loved ones - no wonder adults get as excited as kids about the whole festive period.

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So this Christmas why not make it extra special by adding a touch of sustainability to your plans - turning red to green with Switch2Zero’s environmentally friendly offers.

They’re gifts that don’t cost the earth - and make it a better place for the future.

You can choose from individual gifts - tree planting, plastic waste removal or offsetting.

Or, you could simply make your whole Christmas a net-zero treat - offsetting the CO₂e and plastic waste created by you and your loved ones during the festive period.

It’s a chance to do your bit for the planet, and your family, without the Christmas cheer costing the earth!
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Give the gift of sustainability this Christmas

This year why not put an extra touch of green under your Christmas tree, by gifting your loved ones tree planting or plastic removal - helping build a better future for everyone’s tomorrow.


From just £0.37 a tree, you could give the ultimate eco-friendly present of 27 trees for under a tenner - and in doing so, help safeguard the world’s environment for decades to come.


Or, help remove more than 16kg of plastic waste from the world’s shorelines - the equivalent of some 800 plastic bottles - for the same £10 cost.


They’re unique presents that help wildlife conservation, improve our air and ecosystems, and support communities around the world.


  • To give the gift of sustainability simply click ‘Buy a Gift’, and choose the combination of gifts you would like.

  • Then tick the box marked ‘Christmas Gift’ - and you’ll get a one-off certificate to give you your loved one - showing the impact your gift creates.

Family celebrating Christmas together

A Family Christmas without the Impact

Christmas creates huge amounts of joy, and yet sadly it also creates a huge amount of environmental impact.


Studies estimate that the average person in the UK generates an extra 650kg of CO₂e emissions during Christmas - the equivalent in weight of 1,000 Christmas puddings.


This is a result not just of travel, but the CO₂e cost in all the things we love to do: shopping; gift production, transport and retail; food production, shipping and cooking; Christmas tree growing and disposal (whether organic or plastic); lighting and decorations etc etc.


And it’s not just CO₂e that causes problems — the UK bins a staggering extra 114,000 tons of plastic waste over the period - equivalent to almost 2kg per person celebrating Christmas.


So this year, why not take the environmental sting out of the Christmas tail, and make your Yuletide net zero and guilt free.


For less than £5 per person, you can help ensure the Christmas you love, won’t end up costing the earth!


A Net-Zero Christmas : How it Works

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Step 1

Check out the table to identify the contributions and cost for your Net Zero family Christmas.
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Step 2

Click ‘Gift the family’ and input the figures from the table, depending on your family size / number of people you want to give a Net Zero Christmas to!
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Step 3

Then, simply tick the special box marked ‘Christmas gift’ - so we generate an Xmas Certificate proving your fun isn’t costing the earth.

Remember, all of our Christmas gifts also come with a free extra special feeling of goodness - knowing this festive period, you’ve helped make the world a better place!