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Vehicles are the backbone to many business operations - but they also contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. Simply switching to EVs is often not an option - costs can be prohibitive and for some types of vehicle, like HGVs, there simply isn't currently a viable alternative. 


S2Z's Vehicles Emissions Calculator allows all businesses to operate more sustainably, by helping them understand the vehicle's fuel emissions impact, and then giving them a cost-effective solution to offset that impact.

Calculate Your Fleet's Footprint

Our easy-to-use calculator gives you actionable insights into your vehicle's greenhouse gas emissions.


Switch2Zero Vehicle Emissions Calculator Dashboard

How it Works

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UK Registered Vehicles

Enter the registration number of a car or all the vehicles in your fleet for a quick emissions calculation based on DVLA data.
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Non-UK Vehicles:

Provide basic information on the vehicles you want covered, including make, model, engine size, fuel type, manufacture date, and mileage.
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Insights to Actions:

Paired with industry data we'll accurately measures your fleet's yearly carbon footprint.

Choose to reduce usage or offset emissions with our Switch2Zero Instant solution.

Showcare the positive impact you are driving through your personalised verification badges.

Offset your annual vehicle emissions from as 
little as £10!

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Quick & Effortless Insights

The fastest path to understanding your vehicle emissions.

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Global Vehicle Coverage

Whether in the EU, UK, US or Canada, your emissions data is in good hands.

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Instant Offset, Instant Impact

Make a positive difference instantly by offsetting your annual CO2 emissions.

Who is this for?

Simple answer is any company that uses vehicles as part of their business operations - but who can’t yet make the switch to electric vehicles. 

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Fleet Managers:

Support your company’s ESG drive with a cost-effective solution that ensures your businesses' motoring needs don’t impact the planet.


Haulage firms are the backbone of global economies - powering businesses everywhere. Going green by offsetting your fleet offers a cost-effective edge for securing business - and gets you ahead of looming regulations.

Delivery and Postal Services

Delivery services, essential to modern society and responsible for billions of packages and millions of miles daily, can achieve sustainability without the immediate switch to EV fleets by offsetting emissions with S2Z, delighting customers cost-effectively.

Waste and Construction Services:

In the construction and waste services sector, where electric vehicles remain limited, S2Z offers a way to lessen environmental impact through emissions calculation and offsetting via verified emission reduction projects.
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Drive confidently towards carbon neutrality 

Offsetting with us is simple, easy and affordable. We only work with UN and Gold Standard programmes to ensure the action you are taking results in real action on the ground.

And we’ll send you an updates on the schemes you are helping to fund - as well as giving you free badges which verify your offsets, social media assets and our live website widget - so you can share your positive impact with your customers and clients.


Give it a go today - and see how little sustainable motoring could cost.


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